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Take Revenge, Ideas for Passive-Aggressive Types

There’s something so satisfying about getting the last laugh on someone who’s wronged you. Especially when that person has crossed the line and treated you with utter disregard. When that happens, you need to get creative. After all, passive-aggressiveness is what we have left when being aggressive doesn’t work anymore. We may not be able to punch them in the face or pour salt in their coffee—but we can still give as good as we get! If you find yourself on the receiving end of some seriously shady dealings, then check out our handy guide for coming up with cunning ways to get your own back. You might just want to keep a copy of these ideas by your front door for quick access when that moment comes…

Word of caution: Don’t take things too far: Revenge Agency

As we go into these revenge tactics, just remember that there is a fine line between getting your own back and causing real harm to another person. A lot of these jokes are funny to people who witness them but could be deeply upsetting to the person on the receiving end. Make sure you don’t go too far, as you could end up with a criminal record. If you want to truly get back at someone, it’s best to do it in a way that does not negatively impact them in the long term. After all, revenge should be about getting back at someone for their actions, not about harming them. It’s also important to make sure that you are not harming yourself in the process. It’s easy to get carried away while plotting your revenge and end up doing long-term damage to your reputation or your relationships with friends and family.

Go ahead and dump their stuff in the toilet

If a friend or family member leaves their stuff at your house and doesn’t pick it up after a few days, then go ahead and dump it in the toilet. You could also go ahead and throw it out or donate it to charity. If they really want it back, they can go and find it (and probably clean it since it’s been sitting in a toilet for a week). If this is a work situation, you could also throw their stuff out on the street (or in a nearby dumpster) for them to go and find later.

Mess with their stuff

There are all sorts of ways to mess with a person’s stuff and not leave a trace of evidence. If something of theirs is sitting around your place, go ahead and change settings or press a few keys on their device to make it do something unusual. If something of theirs is plugged in, unplug it. If they have a wireless device and it’s unsecured, go ahead and change the admin password. If you’re feeling really mischievous, you could even change their device’s MAC address or SSID so that it stops connecting to the internet.

Ruin their clothes/shoes/etc.

If an ex or someone at work has left something of theirs at your place, go ahead and ruin an item of theirs by sponging it with bleach or paint. You could also just throw their item away or donate it to charity. If they have something of yours, you could go ahead and destroy it, or do something less extreme like just soaking it in water or pouring coffee on it.

Burn some cash

If someone owes you money, you could go ahead and burn the money in front of them. If you don’t want to destroy their money, you could write an amount of money on a piece of paper that you owe them.

Lock them out of your place

If you have an annoying neighbor or a coworker who doesn’t respect your space, you could go ahead and change the lock on your door so that they can’t get back in again. You could also take their stuff and put it in your place so that they can’t get to it.

Write an epically scathing email (or blog post)

If you’ve been wronged by someone, you could go ahead and write an email to them or post on their blog. It’s best to do this anonymously so that they don’t come after you for slander.


Revenge can be a funny thing. It is a sweet, delicious thing that gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside. It is also a great way to get back at someone who has wronged you. There are many different ways to get revenge on someone. The best part about getting revenge is that it feels great and it is a much better way to feel good than if you were to let the anger and resentment build inside you. So if you find yourself on the receiving end of some shady dealings, then check out our handy guide for coming up with cunning ways to get your own back!

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