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  • Imagine cheating on your partner and knowing you'll get away with it every time.
  • Or skipping work to go on a road trip with your friends and knowing you'll never get caught.
  • Imagine having the perfect excuse not to attend a dreaded family event.
  • Imagine never having to do something you don't want to do ever again and never being judged for it. 

Breaking free of social pressure and expectations is no longer just a dream. With the help of an Alibi Manager, it can become your reality.

Got you intrigued?


Alibi Manager

Everyone has three lives: a public life, a private life, and a secret life.

In this post, we'll explain what an Alibi Manager is and highlight all the services these versatile professionals can provide. And we'll also share one of our recent case studies so that you can better understand how our experienced Alibi Managers can help you regain your freedom.

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What's an Alibi Agency?

An Alibi Manager is a person dedicated to creating the perfect alibi for any situation in our Alibi Agency.

They're a trusted partner you can confide in and rely on to help get you out of tricky situations and regain your freedom.

More specifically, their job is to help cover your tracks no matter what so that your lies become the truth. What's more, not only do Alibi Managers excel at providing highly tailored excuses and eliminating any doubt, but they're also adept at protecting their clients' secrets. 

What Services Can An Alibi Manager Provide?

While many think of an Alibi Manager as someone who can help protect infidelity secrets, that's not the only thing Alibi Managers can do.

Here's a rundown of some of the most common services they can provide:

Break up Services

If you've been stuck in a toxic relationship for too long and can't work up the courage to face your partner's wrath, we can end things for you. While for many breaking up is a painful process yet a normal part of life, some people just can't accept separation. Partners, men or women, can get aggressive and even violent in some instances, making it more challenging for someone to initiate the break-up. 

If that's your case, we can help. 

After thoroughly discussing the relationship with you and ensuring we have all the information we need, we’ll call your partner on your behalf and end things so that you can regain control over your life and begin your healing process.

Faking a Relationship

Have you been single for a long time and are tired of people asking you when you'll finally settle down? 

Are you worried your sexual orientation could get in the way of your career or affect your personal relationships? 

Or perhaps you feel embarrassed to show up to every event, family reunion, or work function on your own? 

Then we have exactly what you need; a fake girlfriend or boyfriend!

One of our highly experienced actors can become your partner for work events, catch-ups with your friends, or family reunions, helping you carry out your single life freely without the fear of being judged.


At Alibi Agency, we believe that revenge is a dish best served prepared!

Whether you're seeking revenge for yourself or someone dear to you, our team of Alibi Managers has got your back. From nasty colleagues or exes to embarrassing mistresses, inconsiderate neighbors, or hypocritical friends, we've seen it all, and we're ready to help you get the perfect revenge.

Revenge has a bad rap, but sometimes the only way someone will learn their lesson is if they get a taste of their own medicine. When somebody bullies another person or negatively impacts someone else's mental health, should they get away with it scot-free? 

If you don't think so and need revenge to move on with your life, we're here for you!

Saving Your Relationship

Want to win back your ex? 

Or perhaps your marriage has been rocky for a while, you had an affair, your partner found out, and you're now trying to patch things up?

We've been spending decades reuniting lovers and, over time, have developed a wide range of effective techniques to help our clients win back their exes or save their marriages. 

From a strategic phone call and social media contact to using trained actors and implementing a several-step action plan, we've done it all and would love to do it for you. Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of external help to nudge your ex-lover into your arms once again.

Manipulating a Polygraph

Is your partner suspecting you of having an affair, making carrying out your affair very difficult? Why not offer to take a lie detector test? 

This way, you can prove you're faithful (even if you're not) and throw them off the scent! 

Now, we know what you're thinking. How can you successfully pass a lie detector test while lying? 

Well, it's all about appearances.

Relying on our experienced actors, we'll set up a preliminary interview in front of your witnesses or partner. We'll discuss the questions and answers beforehand so that we can train you and ensure you keep your calm when answering each question. 

A fake report will then be handed over to you in front of your witnesses or companion, attesting to your honesty.

Finding a Scapegoat

Have you been accused of something and want to find a way to get out of this tricky situation? We have the person you need; a scapegoat who will stick their neck out for you! 

They'll take the blame and help you get away with a situation unscathed. 

Our team of creative and passionate Alibi Managers can help create the perfect story and provide actors to bring it to life and eliminate any doubts about you.

Helping You Live a Double Life

Do you have a child from a previous relationship you'd like to remain private? Or perhaps you've been diagnosed with a serious illness that requires you to receive ongoing treatment but don't want anyone else to know?

Or maybe you just want to escape the constant pressure and expectations placed upon you by others and live a different life a few hours a week?

Whatever your needs are, our team of professional Alibi Managers, freelancers, and actors can help conceal the truth and protect your secret.

We've worked on so many different scenarios over the years that we excel at customizing our approach to any situation.

Other Services An Alibi Manager Can Provide

Alibi Managers are versatile and can help with anything that requires you to conceal the truth and keep up appearances. 

Here are some more things an Alibi Manager can help you with:


How Can Alibi Agency Help You?

Let us tell you a story about one of our clients. For anonymity purposes, all the names in this story are fictitious. The story itself, though, isn't.

The Context

John is an accountant. When he came to us a bit less than a year ago, he was both ashamed and hopeful we could help. He had cheated on his wife repeatedly for six months, and was worried that she would find out about it. 

She had started asking him more questions about his work trips. One night, he even found her upstairs, in the bedroom, going through his texts. She had never done that before. Of course, when he asked her what she was doing, she said she was looking something up on his phone as her battery had died. John knew this wasn't true as her friend Maggie had rung her a couple of minutes before while he was finishing the dishes. That's why he had come up upstairs in the first place. He wanted to let her know Maggie had called.

The Wake-Up Call

At that very minute, he knew he had to do something about the situation. He didn't want to end his affair because it was providing him with the freedom he thought he had lost. He loved being able to be himself again. He loved going on adventures and having fun. He loved this superficial yet exciting relationship. 

Now, John loved Maggie very much, but these days everything revolved around the kids. She never wanted to go on dates anymore and had no interest in spontaneous day trips on the weekend. He just missed having fun. And that's why he came to us.

For six months now, he had been pretending to travel to another city for work at least three days a week. In reality, he was going to work during the day and staying with his lover at night. Every time his wife called (which was more and more often), he felt oppressed. Always worried she was going to find out. Not to mention, he was seriously running out of excuses not to spend time talking to her over the phone.

The Solution

So, our team of Freedom Managers set out to help John. 

His wife clearly started to doubt his story about going on work trips so often and not being able to talk over the phone for various reasons. Our team came up with an idea. They were going to rent out an apartment in the city John was pretending to go to every week for a couple of days.

They'd stage the apartment with John's belongings so that it would look as if he was staying there during his work trips. They'd put his perfume in the bathroom, stock the fridge with his favorite treats, and even add a few pictures of his family around the living room. 

Then, John would take two days off (without telling Maggie he was off) and invite his wife to come and visit him. During the two days she would stay up there, John would pretend to be working remotely and attending client meetings. Actors would be giving him calls during the day pretending to be clients. Two actors pretending that they had been eager to meet his wife would even meet them for dinner. This would make everything even more believable. 

The plan worked perfectly! 

Maggie never asked a single question about his frequent work trips ever again. John was so happy that he decided to use the Alibi Agency a few times since then to help create various alibis and cover his tracks (including racking up mileage on his car) while spending time with his lover.

John loves how tailored our approach is. And he really appreciates our team's discretion, responsiveness, and efficiency.

Freedom Service

What Makes Us Stand Out From Other Alibi Agencies

We were the first in the world and have more than 23 years of experience. Our Alibi network is active worldwide.

At Alibi Agency, we pride ourselves on providing airtight alibis to our clients, no matter the situation. No case is too extreme or challenging for our passionate team of Alibi managers. 

Whether you need help to live your double life stress-free, avoid a work event, or just to keep up appearances, we're here to make it happen. Our commitment to you is to help you live the life you want. 

Leveraging over 23 years of experience in alibi fabrication, we're committed to helping you free yourself of social pressure and expectations and fully enjoy your life. In fact, over the years, we've helped hundreds of clients get their freedom back.

Because we take protecting our clients' secrets very seriously, we've created an extensive network and rely on the help of over 2,700 actors, freelancers, and companies globally to ensure your secret is safe.

Whether you need help saving or faking a relationship, getting out of a tricky work situation, pretending to be somewhere else, or living your double life, we'll leverage our extensive experience and in-depth expertise in alibi fabrication to assist you.

Our team of Freedom managers has worked so hard to cater to our clients in a discreet and efficient fashion that we've become the number one alibi agency in the world. 

Your happiness is our mission.

Discretion is our modus operandus.

So, If you're looking for a non-judgmental, reliable, and discrete Alibi Manager to help you create the perfect bespoke alibi, don't hesitate to get in touch.

We'd love to become your freedom partner!

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