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Thinking About Revenge? Here Are 5 Tips for Getting Vengeance That Is Safe but Satisfying

Whether you’ve been screwed over by the ex-love of your life, wounded by a family member or betrayed by a bestie, people often dismiss revenge as a pointless act (especially those who preach forgiveness). But if there’s someone who’s hurt you, shows no remorse and even worse, shows no signs of curbing their hurtful ways; giving them a taste of their own medicine is a fantastic way to gain closure on the situation. But to protect yourself from an ongoing war of retaliation, here are some tips for keeping your vindication as clean, efficient and suitable as possible.

Take revenge

Take Revenge, do justice!

Tips to retaliate and not get into trouble.

Make it proportionate

You may want to go crazy when someone wrongs you, do something like destroy something they hold dear or embarrass them in front of everyone. But the best revenge ideas are when the jerk who hurt you knows exactly how you feel, or why what they did is wrong. Making sure your vengeance is a “tit-for-tat” type thing ensures you teach them the lesson they never learnt. Got an unsolicited picture and other creepy messages from a certain sleazebag? Send it to his mom since he wants to share it around so bad.

Make it memorable

One of the most satisfying ways to take revenge is those acts in which the target wouldn’t be a victim if they weren’t acting in harmful, malicious or careless ways to start with. Something gross in your always-getting-eaten-by-your-inconsiderate-coworker lunch is a good example. Another is leaving a player’s phone number somewhere public for very niche “escort” services to call at all hours of the day and night.

Make it anonymous

When dealing with the kinds of people who are horrible enough to hurt us in the first place, you must remember that they’re capable of anything. The best way to be cautious is by taking revenge in a way that can’t be traced back to you. If you’re not great at the stealth thing, the Revenge Agency are not only the best professional revenge agency out there, but they are 100% anonymous and safe to use. You can be assured that while the details and proof of your desired revenge are exacted, they can never be traced back to you.

Keep calm

It can be very tempting to go up in smoke when you’re wronged, but it can hurt the long game if you do. Staying calm not only means you’ll be able to think clearly and efficiently get retribution, but it makes you less of a suspect in whatever you do decide to do.

Be petty, not hurtful

How you take revenge can be the difference between the person who hurt you and you. It's one thing giving the perpetrator a taste of their own medicine, but it’s another doing something that brings you down to their level. Be assured that whatever you decide to do is harmless enough to inconvenience, confuse or panic at most, but never harm. Even if you think the person deserves it, you don’t deserve to carry around the repercussions or guilt because of it.

The Science Behind Revenge: How Vengeance Can Help You Heal

Most people would have you believe that the healthiest thing to do when hurt or inconvenienced is to simply move on. While that is mostly the case, in some situations you get so hurt, so betrayed or so screwed over that your head overflows with revenge ideas. How could this person do this to you? Why do they believe they have the right to hurt people? How can they be okay with making others miserable? It’s completely natural to want to make them pay for the suffering that’s been caused. So how do you take revenge in a way that is healthy, safe and better for you in the long run? Here are the questions you should be asking before seeking vengeance according to science.

Is it just?

According to research by psychologists, satisfaction doesn’t come from punishing someone who has hurt you in some way, it comes from them learning their lesson. There’s a big difference between wanting someone to suffer and wanting them to change their behaviour or understand how they made you feel, and while the latter is healthy for healing (and, let’s face it, society), the former is a dangerous game that could lead you into a spiral of destructive and similarly lowly behaviour. For example, burning your cheating ex’s clothing might seem like a great way to punish them for their behaviour, but all it’s likely to achieve is them becoming a cheater with different clothes. Add them to a group chat with their other lovers though? That might make them think twice before cheating again.

Is it healthy?

It’s easy to assume that revenge is just revenge, plain and simple, but the reasons and emotions for revenge vary. When we are put in the role of a victim, our self-esteem plummets and powerful emotions like sadness, betrayal, bitterness and rage can take over. Taking revenge is a way that we can take back some of that power, and break the cycle of helplessness and victimhood. Retaliation is also a way that we feel we can defend ourselves. What better way to discourage further harm to us than to show them what we are capable of doing in return? For example, a heat of the moment throwing of coffee onto a rude and bullying coworker is ill-advised. But referring all the most demanding and harsh clients to them can make you feel like you’re taking back a little bit of control in the situation.

Is it the best outcome?

Revenge is a good option, but it’s sort of a last resort. It’s important that we clear up any misunderstandings, try to work things out and get our facts straight before acting in a way we can’t take back. But if you’ve tried to use your words, followed every avenue of reconciliation or given them the benefit of the doubt and that hasn’t worked? Sometimes revenge is the only way to get your point across. And when the only option is to take revenge, you should leave it to the experts at Revenge Agency. Not only are they professionals with a range of resources, but their work is also 100% anonymous and tailored to each situation perfectly. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the fact that justice is being served.

5 Times Revenge Is the Answer

Revenge gets a bad rap and it's easy to see why. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind after all right? But sometimes it’s not only a viable option, it’s the viable option. So how do you know if this is one of those times? Let’s find out when you should take revenge.

When they won’t be reasonable

If you’ve tried to talk to someone multiple times about something that bothers you. Something that they have control over or that would cause them no bother to change, revenge might be the answer. Is someone always parking in your spot? Spreading lies about you? Bullying people? Revenge is a great way to give karma the nudge it needs.

When they are a terrible person

It's not our job to judge people, but let’s face it. Some people just suck. Whether they’re continually ripping people off for their own gain, taking advantage of people or acting intentionally cruel, these people could stand to be taken down a peg or two.

When they betray you

Some revenge stories are slow burns, they begin as small issues that snowball into massive ones. But some are required because of just one, giant, devastating blow; usually delivered in the form of betrayal. The cheating partner is a brilliant example of that because it’s not a mistake, it’s not a moment of weakness. It’s a long and deliberate trail of deceit that they knew would hurt you but they did it anyway. Those people don’t get to explain themselves, they get retaliation.

When they hurt you deliberately

In the course of our lives, we will get hurt a lot, but most of the time it happens as an accident or just another part of life. When pain is so prevalent in our lifetime as is, you have to be a real scumbag to deliberately inflict it on someone else. And these scumbags should be held accountable. So if someone sees no issue with hurting you, why would you see an issue with giving them a taste of their own medicine?

When they are hurting other people

Finally, the people who need revenge to be inflicted upon them the most are those walking around hurting people on purpose. The discriminatory, the racist, the sexist, the homophobic, the bullies and the just plain mean. Most of the time they continue through life with no repercussions for their vile behaviour. Wouldn’t it be great if you could change that?

If you find yourself in any of the above situations, contact the Revenge Agency. Not only will they take care of the planning, resources and execution of your revenge ideas, but they’ll also do so in a way that keeps you and your identity safe. What could be better than knowing justice was served while keeping a safe distance from whatever unfolds?

Visit our revenge agency with endless possibilities for you to get your revenge and justice.

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