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Why do we make up excuses or lies? Is it to hurt someone or to protect? More often than not, lies are ways for us to protect ourselves and those around us. And we at Alibi Agency ensure you never have to do this alone. It generally takes more than one person to sell a lie. Yes, you heard that right! Despite the number of times you've gotten away with it, there's always some level of mistrust. Whether you want to tell a big fat white lie or a little one, Alibi Agency is here for you. Now with that said, I know what you must be thinking. Only an insecure and nefarious person would pay someone to lie for them, right? Well, don't be so quick to judge! The alibi business is thriving despite all markets taking a deep slump. People are putting in money to be provided with lies, schemes, and ruses that can be used to trick anyone, from their spouses to their bosses.


Honesty Isn't Always the Best Policy, but not always possible

All our lives, the power of the truth has always been the centre of being a good person. But, there are a lot of misconceptions about deception, trust and truth-telling. And if you've mastered the art of lying for the right reasons, it could help build connections, businesses, and trust. With that in mind, here are instances where a little lie is necessary.

1. When You Want to Cancel Plans

Cancel plans

In most cases, there's never a perfect way to cancel plans without appearing as a horrible person. I mean, we've all been there. You agreed to go clubbing with your friends or attend a family gathering over the weekend. But with each passing day, you can feel it in your bones that you shouldn't have said 'Yes' to the plans. A white lie could get you out of the fire if you ever find yourself in such a situation. Some people could be lucky to have friends, family, or business partners who are understanding. In that case, it's perfectly okay to go ahead and tell them the truth. But not many of us are lucky to have an understanding lot in our circles. Therefore, it's much easier and kinder to drop a white lie rather than deal with the backlash of saying you don't feel like going out. Let's say you just want to sit at home alone. Something like, 'I have some work to do' or 'I'm not feeling too well' could do the trick. Easy peasy, right? Absolutely not! Some situations are likely to get sticky, especially if you have no tangible proof to back up your lie. And that's where Alibi Agency comes in. We will devise the perfect excuses to help you cancel plans while allowing your friends and family room to make other plans. Who knows? That may even save your relationship with these people from being washed down the drain.

2. When Running Late To Work

Late to work

How many times have you gotten a warning about being late? Probably not a lot. But sometimes, you'll need an excuse since you can't explain why you arrived at work late. Whether for personal reasons or sometimes it's just the traffic, you'll need a convincing story to soften your employer's anger. Typically, getting to work late is okay, and your boss will likely understand. But that's not always the case. More importantly, if you have a habit of arriving late to work, this could be your last warning. In such a case, you need a reasonable explanation that's undisputable and believable. Having Alibi Agency in your back pocket could help you avoid such sticky situations without breaking a sweat. A little believable white lie could save the day if it means keeping your job.

a. Working As a Secret Agent

Secret Agents

Secrecy is necessary when working as a secret agent. And in most cases, someone might catch up to your lies if not done correctly. Granted, secret agents are professionals who've spent years in the force learning the art of their trade. You must hide your true identity from your family, friends, and the new connections you are trying to create. Undoubtedly, lying to people close to you can be pretty challenging. That's where we come in. Our agency will ensure you have a reasonable explanation for everything currently happening in your life. This situation is a matter of protecting your family and friends from your work, which could spill over to your personal life. It sounds like something that's straight out of the movie! But in truth, some people live it. And it's not all roses and fun actions. Lives can be lost with just one slip-up, primarily if someone detects a lie. That's why secret agents need a reliable agency to work with them and cook up believable lies.

b. Meeting with an Old Flame

Meeting old flame

This topic is quite controversial. There's an outright divide between people, especially when we talk about meeting with an old flame. However, the one thing that truly stands out is that reconnecting with an old love could easily jeopardize your marriage or current relationship. So, should you be truthful with your current spouse? Or should you lie about it? Well, the overall idea is that you know your partner better. And the decision lies solely on you. However, your partner can quickly identify your lie and will go to extreme levels to verify their suspicions before confronting you about it. In such cases, you'll need an excellent explanation to get you out of this situation. By explaining your current dilemma to us, we can quickly create a scenario for you that will get you out of that situation. We only ensure that you still have the power to control the narrative up until you are ready to talk about what's happening with your partner. Again, we don't judge, and it's not our place. We only ensure you have complete control of your life by ensuring your secret is safe, and you have nothing to worry about in this situation.

c. When People are Prying into Your Personal Life

Growing up, most of us were taught never to lie. In fact, your parents probably preached the power of truth every other day. But what they didn't tell us is that if you master lying the right way, it can actually help build trust, connections and lasting business relationships. This whole concept may sound ludicrous, but deep down, we all know that telling a lie isn't always life-destroying. In fact, in most cases, lies can protect our well-being. For instance, a white lie could save the day if you're in a social gathering and you feel some of your friends keep trying to pry into your personal life. You're not required to share specific information about your personal life with everyone. So, if someone keeps pushing that boundary, they leave you no other choice. That said, whether you need more freedom, discretion and privacy in your professional or personal life, Alibi Agency got you covered. We will create expert-tailored solutions for every unique situation you might be in.

3. When Giving Constructive Criticism

They say honesty is essential when giving feedback. But is that really the case? Does anyone really want to hear unfiltered negative remarks? Often, we are tempted to use the 'I'm just being honest' phrase as an excuse for being rude and mean. In most cases, brutal honesty isn't the best way to convey your message. Especially as an employer, it doesn't feel right to go up to your low-performing employee and tell them how terrible they've been. That doesn't sound like the best way to start your relationship. Instead, you could say they've had a rocky start, but it's always the case for everyone before coming in with your constructive criticism. That ensures your employee takes your feedback more positively, which benefits your business in the long term. That may sound easy to do, but most people can get uncomfortable with giving a white lie. So, instead of worrying about the awkwardness of giving critical comments, work with Alibi Agency. As professionals, we will help you curate solutions that will help you in situations when the other party can't handle the truth. We always say that if someone can't handle the truth, they shouldn't be mad if it's kept from them. After all, lying can be a form of kindness and could help you maintain a positive relationship with those around you.

In Summary

Well, there you have it! Honestly isn't always the best policy in every situation. Sometimes a bit of white lie could ensure no one gets hurt. As much as the virtue of honesty is deeply rooted in most of us, when used appropriately, lies can be your greatest weapon and a source of peace in your life. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today, and let's get you out of that situation with professional excuses!

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